Enter the Year of the Dragon

This blog is the musings of a mother, a lover, a friend, a fashionista and a cancer survivor.  My story goes something like this …  In my previous life I was the editor-in-chief of Society rags throughout Asia (Asia Tatlers).  “Alas it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  A very very interesting time indeed.  Prior to that I had been a public relations executive in both jewellery (Bulgari) and fashion (Loewe).  Six years ago I found myself with a second child on the way, and the need to get out of the rat race and be CEO of my household.  My two children are a blessing from the Lord; my husband Nissim is my knight in shining armour and my mother Lina, has been my mentor, friend and life coach …  it sounds “Oh so perfect ……”  STOP PRESS!!!  Step on the brakes … lets not run away with ourselves …

Fantasy as they call it, is just that … a dream … hahahaha … don’t get me wrong, I have two adorable children who are the reason that I wake up every morning, and a loving husband.  My mother has been a dominant figure in my life, to say the least, and I am surrounded by her love all hours and seconds of the day.  However, as all women know, whether you are a mother, daughter, wife or friend … it takes A LOT (and if we are lucky, an army) to keep us sane …

In the midst of all that all the daily insanities, by a random and much overdue check-up I found out that I had liver cancer.  Yup that’s right … the gal that had all that she had dreamed about and lived a fairly clean existence was brought down to reality by the big C.  I was lucky enough to have the tumour cleanly resected and today living and playing clean are my daily mantra.  I have not allowed the disease to bring me down, instead I feel a new lease on life.  I now understand why I want to live, and how I want to live.

This blog however, is not about disease.  Neither is it about survival.  It’s about Living without feeling despair, but embracing our families, mind, health, body and god given right to be beautiful.  Allowing us to enjoy life, culture, beauty and fashion, where ever we see it.  I wanted to start this blog to show how powerful, courageous we, as women can be, despite the insanity of children, marriage and motherhood.  I want to showcase how we can be the supreme multi-tasker and still maintain our sanity.

If we really break it down, sanity takes A LOT of work.  My own sanity is a work in progress and the following is my drug:

  1. Crave to feel fit and strong: Need a daily workout
  2. Balance the schedules of my kids so that I know that they are being nurtured in the right way to be the best that they can be (trying desperately not to be influenced by 10,000 other theories of parenting, and trying to be in tune with their individual needs — the biggest challenge of all)
  3. Have a life outside of mothering and wifely duties …
  4. Feel young and vibrant enough to feel “current”… but also be aware of ones “limits”.  I would have said boundaries, but life is all about pushing boundaries isnt it? (something to revisit!)
  5. Let nothing stand in my way to be CEO of my home and the workplace … a constant obstacle
  6. Work hard to remain beautiful from the inside out,  and give back to the community, and lest we forget, getting there in 5″ Louboutins
  7. Constantly engage with other like-minded women who strive to make the most out of life and document it
  8. Devour the pages of Vogue, Town & Country, Conde Nast Traveller, World of Interiors and WSJ
  9. Find the time to login to netaporter, couturelab, chictopia and Facebook
  10. Truly master the art of twitter
  11. Sift through the real friends and acquaintances.  So far I have been extremely lucky… friends are a plenty 🙂

So enough about me.  Join me on this journey and lets push the boundaries together!


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