Fight N Flu

Blog silence means that the travails of a glamamama have taken over.  It’s been a week since my last blog and quite frankly I’ve been trying to master the blogosphere … no easy task in this day and age with twitter, pinterest, instagram … the list could go on and on.  That’s another post.

Amidst my search for the all things wild and wonderful, daily meetings and motherhood, I’ve been down with the flu.  As much as I can I try not to take antibiotics as it takes its toll on the liver, and being a fighter, I try to tackle it au naturelle.

My dear friend Yolanda Choy, noticed my suffering and quickly sent over a bottle of Grapefruit Seed Extract with a word of warning that “you must mix it with juice, otherwise it tastes awful”.
I tried to defy alll warnings and gulped my first 15 drops with H2O,  straight up of course!  Despite the coughing and spluttering and the ringing of Yolanda’s words of warning in my mind, I gulped down the GSE and the next day… voila … I felt human once again.
It truly works!!!  So before you run to the doctor, please try GSE.
It’s been tried and tested, but mix with juice.

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