EQ with a side of IQ?

It’s been a normal helter skelter schedule of late, with family, life and friends. As my kids get older the demands of their lives increase, and as mothers we try our utmost to ensure that their needs are met.

My daughter, Zara, made her school swim team (We are very proud!) but I had to find an extra 4 hours in her week to dedicate to swim practice. For my friends and other “Wanna Be Tiger Mums” (WBTM)  out there, an additional anything is impossible with the kids jam-packed schedules. Quite frankly I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a “swim mum” but after discussing the commitment in-depth with Zara, she decided that she wanted to do it. It’s been the second week of swim practice and she loves it!!! Is she the best in her team? No, but the friendships, discipline, stamina, dedication, and a desire to compete with the risk of  winning or losing  (all to nurture her EQ)  makes up for the loss of study time.

IMAGE: Psychometric Success Emotional Intelligence – What You Need to Know.

As mothers of tweens, discovering your child’s “gift” or “interest” is an accomplishment. The worst nightmare of any WBTM is to have a child coasting as just “average”. We all need and yearn for something to put on mini me’s curriculum vitae! Surely at the tender age of 7, her numerous accolades will mean a definitive Oxbridge acceptance… NOT!!!

We WBTM are delusional, but we set the goals high and our dreams higher. We want our children to not only have IQ but EQ as well, and hope that by retelling the tales of Jeremy Lin,  that they too, will be inspired to brilliance, be it on the basketball court, school, relationships or in the realm of global domination… oops apologies, my aspirational nightmares plague me.

In Hong Kong,  parents spend an enormous amount of time and money on IQ for our kids, and since they are tutored or in school 8am-8pm everyday, the space and time to develop their EQ is left to the back burner.  Many argue that those with strong EQ have less insecurities and are in fact capable of global domination in the long run (sorry aspirational nightmares plague me again!) Joking aside,  IQ is not the only factor. EQ holds equal weight in the development of leaders.

Social and Emotional Learning: What is it? How can we use it to help our children? | AboutOurKids.org.

Cultivating emotional intelligence (EQ) in your child.

Emotional Intelligence theories – Daniel Goleman’s EQ concepts

As a mum, I hope to make time for EQ and value it.  (And hope that by putting all this literature  into practice, the unconditional early acceptance offers to Oxford and Cambridge will come flooding in 🙂 ROFL)

I hope swim team will teach Zara to nurture relationships, allow her to read social situations (the good, the bad, and the ugly of a competitive environment), and teach her to get things done through training and efficient time management. Building EQ is a journey and I hope I’m steering her on the right one.

There are many aspects of EQ that still need to be tackled… and as Stephen Covey’s  Habit 2 states: Begin with the end in mind. And so our EQ journey begins and our sights are set high on  global domination. Let’s see if we can get there… LOL!!!

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