I dare you, Pin it on me!

Forgive my blog silence. Since my last post the family and I were travelling over Easter, and as you can imagine I didn’t have a second to myself to even think, let a lone write.  My first day back to Hong Kong was a visit to my TCM/ acupuncturist, who “we” (those of us in the know of course) call Annie si fu. I had been in Thailand for 2 weeks, and despite daily ashtanga and a semi-clean diet, my body or rather my face,  was in need of…. a pin.

When you have been through illness you become a lot more in tune with your body. I could feel my head and face beginning to  clog up, and since the face is the mirror of your body, I could see little tell-tale signs that my yin and yang weren’t in sync! My head felt heavier (which could be blockages in one or two of the meridian points on the face that connect to the rest of the body)  and my neck was very tight which resulted in severe (but bearable pain). I needed relief!

So first thing the next morning I was at Annie si fu’s clinic. I entered the room, lay on the table and yearned for the clingaty clang of disinfectant bottles and rustling of brand new  needles (NB:  from Korea: supposedly the pin point is finer) . I took a deep breath and Annie sifu worked her magic. We have been “working” together for a few years now and she knows my weak (vain) points, as well as areas where I tend to “clog”.

Below is a diagram from Simply Senz: Outer Beauty is Inner Organs Balancing of all the meridians in the face to the rest of the body. As you can see, she pretty much covered everything, except my right and left kidney, heart, pancreas, stomach, stomach and thankfully, sexual organs… phew… My liver is obviously, always a concern, but after my mega resection, I’m as good as new!! (no harm balancing me out there though ;P)

After a quick two minutes or so, she was done and I was ready to let the chi flow and the blood pump. The first thing most of my friends ask is, “does it hurt?” If truth be told, well, yes it does, but only a teeny tiny bit. The pain is bearable. I mean, come on, we’ve endured emotional heartache (and we always went back for more, childbirth ( some of us try again)  and our annual visit to the gynaecologist (ladies, you know that “Yikes” moment I’m talking about), this is nothing.

If I don’t get my usual 7- 8 hours of sleep, I puff up like a pilsbury doughboy, but after just under 20 minutes of “pinning magic” (2 minutes pin, and 15 minutes of relaxation)  the contours of my face came back! I had high cheek bones once again, and my triple chin had disappeared. Not only did the shape of my face rebound but I could feel a transformation on the  texture of my skin: my skin felt lighter and more youthful and apple of my cheeks were rosey once again!  I didn’t have to wear any make-up base for the next few days. I felt like my daughter (well, her much older sister perhaps). (In the photo above, I only have browliner and lipstick on, the rest is thanks to Annie sifu’s meticulously placed acupuncture needles.)

Not only did I gain the effects of glowing skin and better facial contours, I was able to gain balance, good “chi” and blood flow in my whole body and I feel GRRRRRRRREAT!

3 thoughts on “I dare you, Pin it on me!

  1. Shars you are so right…acupunture is totally worth and pin prick you might feel! I am grateful to have had acupuncture regulate my hormone levels and prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy after multiple miscarriages…it is great for skin and body detoxification too!xxM

  2. OK, so I think it’s time i went back for the needles. I just need to find a good one here in Oxford. Acupuncture bought on my over due birth. It never sorted out the health issue I had though, it ended up getting resolved through Bowen Technique. VERY relaxing gentle & yet incredibly powerful. Maybe I should go back for that. Either way I have to do something I have a SPOT on my chin!!!! Perhaps I should stop the wine consumption;)

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