Beginnings with DVF Spring Summer 2012 at Pacific Place

Cocktails, Champagne, fashion and friends… what a giddy combination! I had the pleasure of attending that DVF Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show at Pacific Place. Thanks to the gracious invitation of my dear friends Linda and David Ting, of Globalluxe fame, I scurried and hurried to make sure I didn’t forget the appointment and that I attended on time and appropriately dressed. The later part was quite crucial, considering my day started out a little off kilter.

I had an early morning meeting at school that day (PTA related) and had planned on waking up at 6.30am to give myself enough time to look half way decent. Alas, my darling daughter Zara gently  nudged me at 7.05am to bid me a farewell and whispered,  “It’s ok mummy, Virginia (our helper) will take us to school today.” At that very moment my eyes widened and survivor mode (or guilty mother mode) kicked in, and I bolted out of bed, showered, changed and managed to grab all the  pertinent documents in 10 minutes flat. Might I add, that I did not  brush my hair or put on make-up but I did don a giant pair of Cutler & Gross aviators as a courtesy to my fellow meeting counterparts, so as not to frighten anyone off too early in the morning…

I made the meeting and managed to get my children to school on time., however my goal to look half decent was somewhat marred by my lazy body clock, but I wasn’t going to let that keep me from checking off my to-do list. I managed to get through my day  visiting with GivingBread, calls to the office and writing, and I fitted in a run, as well as took my daughter to swimteam practice and spent time with my son before dinner. All was accomplished on the to-do except for a visit to the hairdresser for a good blowout before I faced  the world of glitz.. alas it was not meant to be so I was left to the wiles of my hairdryer, curling iron and brush. When it’s 98% humidity outside, I needed a miracle!

With frizz still a factor I was running late. It was a crunch time. The show was going to start at 7pm and at 630pm I was still trying to tame my tresses whilst deliberating between a pair of Camilla Skovgaard heels  or muted leopard Louboutin Sling backs  to accompany  my chosen coral DVF jersey sheath dress. Eventually I decided on the Louboutins  which were slightly lower but at least  I could walk in them without falling flat on my face.

With my unruly mane, (I tried my utmost to tame the frizz) I arrived in a bit of a frenzy at 6.58pm, but was glad to see my girlfriends had all made it too. Truly these parties only have meaning if you are attending for friends (David and Linda: check), and your posse are also there to enjoy it together (Annie Ting, Fiona Kotur Marin, Anne Wang Liu, Leigh Tung Chou, Janice Chan Choy, Yoland Choy Tang, Audry Ai Morrow, Bridget King, Yuda Chan and Tais Fortes: check). Also in attendance were Paula Stutter, President of DVF as well as Abigail Klem, Executive Vice President, Merchanding DVF, from New York.

L-R:Theresa Leung, Elizabeth Kok, Christopher Heywood, Paula Stutter,

David & Linda Ting, Abigail Klem

Jeweller, Bridget King
Annie Ho Ting and  Sharie Ross (My hair frizz still in tact.. ugh!) 
 L-R: Audry Ai Morrow, Sharie Ross, Linda Ting, Leigh Tung Chou, Anne Wang Liu,
Janice Chan Choy & Fiona Kotur Marin
L-R: Sophia Hotung & Joanna Hotung, Yolanda Choy Tang 
 L-R: Tais Fortes and Yuda Chan

L-R: Kim Robinson, Janet Ma, Katherine R, Lisa S, QiQi, Irene Wang

Of course other than the glitz of gorgeous friends, the show also drew star studded fashion celebrities  such as Janet Ma, Qiqi, who are Hong Kong’s answer to Cindy Crawford, and Heidi Klum. Both uber models in their own right, and now super stylish celebrity role model mums.  Kim Robinson, legendary coiffeur to the rich and famous, and stylist extraordinnaire, also made an appearance.

Once the guests were seated the show began.. The collection was originally inspired by Africa, “where the world began”, and hence the collection was aptly named Beginnings. The show started with a clear palette of white, where loose and fluid shapes  draped the models, and then moved into shimmering pastels followed by prints that mixed comfortably with modern-day corals and tourmalines. Shapes varied from the signature wrap dress (new interpretation), blazers and shorts to flattering jumpsuits and flowing printed gowns.  Silhouettes were soft, and delicate , yet strong and sexy, with a play on print with colour and texture.  Bravo DVF. A big thumbs up from Hong Kong! See you all at DVF. I know which one I have my eye on 🙂

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