Make-up and Skincare rolled into one! My SK-II makeover

I arrived home today and lo and behold I was greeted by a beautiful bag of the most stunning SK-II products, from skin care to make-up! Accompanying the bag of course, was a lovely note from Bastian Wong, of Flare PR who actually wanted to send my husband a sample of the SK-II Men‘s line, and figured she would throw in a few goodies for me too. Aren’t I the lucky girl. Actually I think I lucked out with more… Bastian must have heard through the grapevine that I am a bit of a beauty nut…

I felt like a kid in a candy store.  In November 2011 I was one of the lucky ones to try the SK-II launch COLOR box. The products got me hooked. I had never  used SK-II products before, but several items in the collection immediately took pride of place in my make-up mecca. So this time around, not only did I know what there was I was elated to see my favourite items! Yup, it felt like Christmas again.

My must have item is my go-to Clear Beauty Liquid Eyeliner. It’s light to hold (and to carry for travelling) and the application tip is soft yet precise which means an ease in application. Did I mention that it also contains Pitera, the secret ingredient to the SK-II powerhouse of skin care products? Now you no longer have to use make-up without thinking of your skin! The colour adheres evenly with each stroke and saves me an enormous amount of time!  I usually use this when I do “evening make-up”. Some say that it takes a little more effort than other eyeliners  to remove, but I use the Shu-Uemura face oil and it comes off fine.

Another favourite of mine is the Clear Beauty Moisture Lipstick (#441). Again the packaging is light. The weight and feel is something I pay attention to, since I don’t like to carry excess weight, especially if I need to take my make-up bag to the gym or when I travel. Lightweight is bonus for me when I make my choices, but only in make-up!

This particular colour is 100% perfect for my skin tone. It glides on easily and my lips feel nourished! The Lipstick has a clear Pitera centre which is working its magic on your lips while still giving you the full 3D luscious lips.

I also received a Clear Beauty Eye Shadow Compact (#81).

The compact is separated into 3 compartments, the first of which is a creamy light Pitera base which I use before I apply the colour shadows. The Pitera base creates a smooth, supple and natural glow on the eyes and allows the shadows to adhere well and in place. Two majors pluses here: the in-compact base makes for less “baggage” in my make-up bag, and the “skincare in makeup” philiosphy eases my fear of prolonged make-up wear. Very similar to mineral make-up, however I have found some mineral formulas do not have sufficient pigment in their shadows but the SK-II works!

Here’s my make-over. I even tried the double lashes 🙂 Let me know what you think…

Since skincare is the underlying principle of SK-II, I also received their 28-Day Essence treatment: Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate.. hmmm is someone trying to tell me something?  I will start it this weekend and report back on my progress 🙂

No SK-II regimen is complete without the Facial Treatment Mask, which FYI is the BEST mask. I use it on long haul flights when the lights are out and no ones watching… sssssshhhhhh… and always take them with me when I head to drier climes.

AsI mentioned the package also had something in it for my darling husband, Nissim. Now, he too gets to sample the miracles of SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence, under SK-II MEN.  Kudos to SK-II for creating this line for men. The product looks strong, dominant yet pure. Will report back on Nissim’s results 🙂 I may even convince him to try the mask…

In the meantime, FOR HIM AND FOR HER…

If I look at least 10 years younger than my age, I may have to change my entire skincare regimen!

6 thoughts on “Make-up and Skincare rolled into one! My SK-II makeover

  1. Your passion for products really comes through in your hilarious writing… really makes me want to run out and get the eyeliner, lipstick and mask because I must have them right this very minute! Love love love!!!

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