I declare it Isabel Marant day! Can I pull it off?

Woke up bright and early for a dawn morning run. Unfortunately where we live  was masked in cloud and fog, so I took the easy way out and used the treadmill  instead. I’m a bit of a cardio junkie. I need at least 50 minutes a day. (It used to be 40 and now I’m an addict. I need to up  my “hit” to 50… tragic but I’m working on my addiction.)

Nowadays the 50 minutes, coupled with my age, and weight however (ahh I cant believe I’m talking about weight!), my legs feel like jello after every run. Therefore, not only does the  gelatinous texture of my legs  (running hopefully helps eliminate the jiggle), but also the feeling in my legs (or lack thereof)  usually determines my shoe choice. Had I any inkling of pragmaticism in my body and soul I would have opted for flats. (Disclaimer: I’ve never claimed to be rational.) And of course, since today was a demanding one with lots of running around:  I had a meeting, then a birthday lunch at Cipriani for my girlfriend Annie, needed to pop in for groceries then another meeting at my children’s school, pick up my husband, swing by home to pick up the kids and head out for a family dinner…quite frankly,  all of this defnitely required HEELS! You know what I mean right? A girl’s gotta don her heels, whether one’s quads and glutes permit or not!

The truth of the matter was that I was dying to wear my new Isabel Marant Rio Leather sandals and declared today, Marant Day.

Isabel Marant Rio-chain leather sandals (photo: Net-a-porter.com)

Here’s the look of the day:

Aviators: Cutler & Gross; Top , skirt, sandals: Isabel Marant, belt: YSL, bracelets: Philippe Audibert

Question: is it too much to wear this to a school meeting? Can a mum still wear a mini?  Will this outfit take me from day to night, with my day being more dressy than my night out with my husband and kids? Regardless, I quietly snuck a pair of bright yellow Lanvin Flats in my bag in case of emergency.

Here’s us celebrating with my girlfriend Annie Ho Ting at Cipriani Hong Kong. Annie’s in the middle wearing DVF fushcia shirt-dress.

Standing: Laetitia Yu, Candice Suen, Linda Ting, Reyna Harileila, Anne Wang Liu and Shirley Hiranand

Seating: Malti Dialdas, Sharie Ross, Annie Ho Ting, Kay Li

Bright was definitely her mission for the day, and she showed off her gorgeous white Giuseppe Zanotti mirror wedge sandals and an orange and pink, alternate pedicure! How adorable!

 After lunch I ran to the grocery store, then jumped into the car to get to school. While in the car I had a revelation.It happens sometimes. Perhaps the flats would work better, and with it, a quick outfit fix. I removed the belt, pulled out my shirt and wore the flats.. now I felt more feminine mummy, than high maintenance chains ‘n’ all, diva! A slightly softer impression I think, and even a little more youthful. To top it all off, the little style fix allowed me to swiftly transition into family mode, and also allowed me to gain more feeling in my exhausted training legs 🙂

 Note to self: multi-tasking style fix..always carry a pair of flats.

10 thoughts on “I declare it Isabel Marant day! Can I pull it off?

    • Darling Shirley, Thank you so much for your post. You are too sweet. We try our best, but sometimes you have a slip here an there and need our friends to keep us on track.. thanks for being there xo

    • Aliya, thank you so much for your “like” and comment. I am a huge huge fan of Isabel Marant. There’s something so current, easy in every piece. Truly defines french cool! The Rios were actually ok to walk in, but honestly they’re just so darned gorgeous. I smiled everytime I looked at my feet 🙂 I’m a novice at posting my own photos so any tips you can share with me would be great
      I love your blog! Gotta love someone who loves marant. gonna follow u. thanks a bunch x

  1. Hey Sharie, thanks for checking out my blog! My boyfriend’s a photographer so he’s really helped me with lighting and even how to edit in Photoshop (color adjustment, brightening). I just asked him and he said to try to use natural lighting, no flash, and uncluttered backgrounds. The picture I have posted today was just sunlight overhead standing in an alley. We also usually take pictures between 4-6pm when the sunlight isn’t so harsh (vs midday). Hope that helps! – Aliya 🙂

  2. Fab! Pile it on! The more the merrier! Love all the colourful gals. Enough time for boring in a few more years………..

  3. You looked so perfect from head to toe (love the mini-skirt and shoes!), Isabel Marant should declare April 30 as Glamaross Day!

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