Award Winner… O Yeah that’s me!

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

It’s official. I’m a blogger. Not just any old maniacal, ego-tyranical rambling fool who tries to string two words together, using a lexicon of highly superfluous synonyms to confuse y’all, but I am now an official member of the blogosphere! Yup little old me has been awarded two Blog awards… Oh yes, you read it right; not one ,but two!!

Blogging has been a learning curve. Anyone can start a blog, but writing to an audience who is unknown, and finding people across the globe who share the same interests as you, or appreciate your journey, humour and life dreams… wow! It’s humbling. For this post I will concentrate on the first award, and I will post the second separately, as each deserves its own post 🙂

Firstly, I would like to thank the blog-cademy for recognising my efforts, in particular Lee or Cd Stormlover (one woman’s brazen efforts to live life by her rules. Her honesty, humour and true grit play through with every word. Follow her. She’s worth it!)   for bestowing upon me, the honour of the ABC Award, better known as the Awesome Blog Content Award.

It is written that once I accept this award I must chronicle 26 (un)interesting facts about myself from A-Z, so here goes:

A: nti-establishment and sometimes very anti-social

B: b’s are boring, I like A’s

C: affeine, Chocolate and Carbs: Love them all!

D: ecisive. I know what I want!

E: xercise: my drug of choice

F: astidious (better than anal retentive)

G: ermophobe: Purell is my best friend

H: ermes. Always and forever

J: ewellery. What girl doesn’t love it!

K: ind. I believe everyone deserves a little kindness

L: oyal Libran

M: otherhood: best thing that ever happened to me, and my mum is my mentor

N: issim, the husband. My best friend, lover and personal chef (yup! I’m very lucky he cooks as a hobby)

O: which girl doesn’t love the big O. I’m a little naughty too… sorry. Ahh yes, Obagi. It saved my skin. Errr, weren’t you thinking of Obagi too???

P: erfectionist and punctual. (gosh I sound boring)

Q: uality over quantity.

R: espectful. Pleases and thank yous go a long way.

S: harie, that’s me, and sometimes shy.

T: ea totaller. I no longer indulge in alcohol, due to liver cancer recovery, and I feel great.

U: nforgettable: there’s more self-affirmation than truth here I think 😛

V: ivacious, when I have the energy

W: ords. I love the written word and classic, Latin stemmed vocabulary. Despise  modern-day vernacular that is nonsensical, such as “my bad”, “chillax” etc…

X: I just finished the Fifty Shades trilogy, so please excuse me while I try desperately  to exorcise all elements of XXX from my mind!

Y: outhful with an old soul

Z: ara and Zachary, my children

In turn, I would like to nominate the following 5 blogs for the ABC award:

Please visit and follow them.

Thank you all for reading, liking and following. It’s official, I’m a blogger.

2 thoughts on “Award Winner… O Yeah that’s me!

  1. Thank you so much for nominating BeLighter!!!
    (apologies for the late reply, but sometimes life gets into the way of things…)
    Again, thanks for the nomination and your sweet words!!! 😉

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