Oh Shucks Another Accolade…

The most amazing things happen on this billion dollar information highway, social networking/ media “land of Zuckerberg”, bullet train.  We connect with people across borders, nationalities, cultures, creeds and interests. Blogging knows no boundaries, but rather builds bridges. I am lucky enough to have built my fair share in a very short period of time.

My second grand award, the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD,  was bestowed upon me by my new blog BFF, T.Marie of www.all-ofus.com  I came upon her blog by a stroke of luck. I like to call it luck especially when something or someone touches my heart so deeply. T.Marie writes of  the trials and tribulations of her beautiful, wise beyond her years, 5-year old daughter Lulu, who battles cancer  head on. She documents her own journey of heartache and courage and when  I read her blog, her strength and that of her daughter’s, overwhelm me. Her strength and positivity transcend the blogosphere. Follow her, she will inspire you.

Thank you T. Marie.

Recipients of this award must list seven things about themselves and nominate  other inspiring blogs. So for another narcissistic moment please bear with me:

1) I love to sing. Yup I always wanted to sing lead in a rock band, but I have a voice that is more suitable for Choral singing and hence  broadway tunes, or soulful ballads are more my beat.

2) I am part Malaysian. My father was the finance minister in Malaysia when he died in a very tragic and politically significant plane crash in 1976 with his entire political cabinet. My mother pulled a “Not Without My Daughter” and took my back to Hong Kong. I only recently found my half-siblings and re-connected with my cousins. Not quite as dramatic as it all sounds, but significant nonetheless.

3) I have a lot of faith in love. I am a Libran and a die hard romantic. (I hope my husband reads this post)

4) I love all things fashion and beauty related, but make-up is my weakness and I’m pretty good at using it!

5) I have two children, who I have yet to post photos of. I’m still getting my head around the whole, “open book on my life” approach to blogging. It’s easy to hide behind words, but when you say it in pictures, it’s a whole different ballgame.

6) My dream is to run a marathon, but I still can’t run outdoors. I’ve run a 10k so I suspect I should set my goals on a half marathon first. It’s 95% humidity in Hong Kong and after  15 minutes I’m done. I’m working on it.

7) I have a hard exterior, but the truth is I cry at everything. Movies, commercials, books… my son is the same way. Yup here it is. I’m a wimp

Ok and now is the time to nominate some other inspirational blogs for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Live to Write and Write to Live: www.nhwn.wordpress.com

A group of female writers who are passionate about, well, writing. They share their beautiful and empowering pieces, and offer each other support and guidance to become better writers.

A detailed house: www.adetailedhouse.com

A stay-at-home mum who inspires by posting beautiful visuals of living luxuriously

Style On the Couch: www.styleonthecouch.com 

The musings of a Brit Psychologist living in Manhattan, sharing ideas about style and life. She rocks!

Hld6: www.hld6.wordpress.com

Hld6 is a woman who is a director and professor of theatre, who writes about feminism, politics, health, and the break-up of her marriage. She debates whether feminism killed her marriage.

The Bookshelf of Emily J.: www.emilyjanuary.wordpress.com

Emily is another writer and teacher. She has a great a great list of 101 books of solitude and writes lay person reviews that one can understand. I love an avid reader.

ALANALA: www.alanala.com

A young photographer Alan P who photographs Hong Kong.

I hope you will follow and like the above blogs. A big thank you to bloggers known and unknown. I thank you for visiting my blog, and these two awards have given me more confidence to continue posting. At least now I know someone’s interested in my ramblings. ‘Til next post x

2 thoughts on “Oh Shucks Another Accolade…

  1. Thank you so much!!! I’m so touched by the nomination and I loved learning things about you!! T. Marie from all-ofus.com referred one of her artist friends over to me to review her work – such a small world!! Congratulations on your award – It is so well-deserved!!! xoxoxo, Kearney

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