Posture perfect with the Hong Kong Ballet Troupe

This past weekend Zara and I  were lucky enough to be invited for a Hong Kong Ballet studio visit at the Cultural Centre. We were both very excited! We love ballet!

A chance to see the Hong Kong Ballet troupe in action was a delight  and a perfect excuse for a mother-daughter adventure. So off we went. We decided to take  the star ferry across from Hong Kong to Kowloon. With my kids I always find it so much more exciting to take the ferry, and we usually prefer the bottom deck to the top. It brings us so much closer to our famed, fragrant harbour! All part and parcel of the ferry experience!


Zara on the star ferry in Hong Kong… she’s definitely enjoyed the aromas of our fragrant harbour ;P


Here’s Zara and I on the bottom deck

From the star ferry, the Cultural Centre and HK ballet studio is just a stones throw away.  We arrived at 10.30am sharp (ridiculously punctual) at their studio  and  the Hong Kong Ballet dancers were finishing off their one hour barre work with a routine of rond de jambe en l’air, developpe and  grand battements.  It was truly one of the most inspiring things to see. The sheer dedication and grace of each of the dancers  emanated through every position and step. I think both Zara and I sat up a little straighter than usual while we watched! You can’t slouch when you see such graceful limbs flowing through each sequence, and so for the next 45 minutes while they rehearsed, we were posture perfect! They were preparing for the opening night of Giselle on may 25th, and today was JUST  another 8 hour rehearsal.

To witness the ballet troupe practice was awe-inspiring to say the least. Every dancer’s jeté, plié, and arabesque was performed with  110% effort. It was so powerful to see their raw strength and grace so up close and personal,  even Zara admitted “ballet dancing is hard.”

Unfortunately we were unable to disturb their rehearsal so no photos were taken during practice,  but we did manage to take a few snaps during their break.

Here’s the Hong Kong Ballet dancers in studio.


Madeline Onne, Artistic Director of HK Ballet was kind enough to pose for a photo with Zara. Thanks Madeline


Tan Yuan Yuan, the principal dancer for the San Francisco Ballet was also rehearsing. She will be the guest principal dancer on May 25th, 2012  for Giselle.

Here are the girls with Yuan Yuan.

And finally we managed to have a photo with Jin Yao, Hong Kong Ballet’s principal dancer.

This is Jin Yao in the poster. Image from Hong Kong Ballet

Jin Yao on stage. Image: Hong Kong Ballet. Photographer: Conrad Dy-Liacco

Don’t miss out…


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