GLAMAMAMA MONDAYS: Mothers For Others Hong Kong

Welcome to “GLAMAMAMA Mondays”, showcasing inspiring, multi-tasking and multidimensional mums.

I was recently invited to very intimate Mothers for Others charity lunch at the China Club organised by 3 uber glamamamas, Emily Chan ,Victoria Law and Sandra Wan. It was a Saturday, and as most mothers know it is the busiest day of our week, where kids, cars and husbands all have their agendas that we have to manage. However, on this particular Saturday over 60 mothers decided that it was time for the dads to be the primary babysitter, including Carmen Chu, Angela Chan, Sylvia Sin, Ling Li, Vivian Liao, Jennifer Wong, Janice Choy, Belinda Peng and Yuk Lynn Chen.

Sylvia Sin and organiser, Sandra Wan

Joann Koo, Ling Li with organiser Emily Chan

Angela Chang with Cleopatra Chan (Marketing Director. David Yurman HK)

Eight tables of mothers gathered together to raise funds for Mothers For Others in aid of the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry. … yes that’s a mouthful and now it is called “THE REGISTRY”

I marvel at the three co-chairs. Emily is a published author and mother, now based in Beijing but still had time to organise the event in Hong Kong; Victoria is a mother of four (she had her fourth a month before the lunch. She’s so darned slim you would never have guessed it) and also runs a fashion empire full-time, and Sandra is full-time mother of two girls in local primary school, one at DGS and another in St Stephens and still manages to keep her head above water while shuttling between the two! Despite the many ski vacations, play-dates and ladies’ lunches we’ve shared, these ladies make multi tasking seem like kindergarten, and go the extra mile when it comes to making a difference.

To kick off the lunch Emily bravely shared stories of her own previous illness which led her to visit with her long time friend, Dr Ava Kwong, founder of The Registry. It was from this meeting that prompted her to help. Emily admired Ava’s passion for her cause and respected her work and hence wanted to raise awareness for the registry and also raise funds. Dr Kwong explained that the objective of The Registry was to advance and standardise the clinical care of the high risk hereditary breast and ovarian cancer patients and their families. In particular the registry focuses on the pre menopasual group, by formulating preventative and screening measures through data collection, research, education, training and supportive care services in Hong Kong. She definitely had a captive audience who were all the target demographic!

Guests were then invited to browse the David Yurman jewellery display as well as visit silent auction table where goodies from Continental Diamond (jeweller), Ginger Bread (children’s clothing) and Beyond Dessert (Hong Kong’s ultimate cake confectionary) to name a few, were up for auction. All proceeds of the purchases went to THE REGISTRY. Mothers for Others raised HK$650,000.

It was a treat for all the ladies, who in the spirit of summer dressed in their prettiest brights and donned their heels amidst traffic and a hectic Saturdays… oh wait a second, the Dads were babysitting… so we sat and enjoyed another cup of tea 😛

Organiser Victoria Law with her son and good friend Ada Wang

Dr Ava Kwong, Sandra Wan, Angela Chang, Sandy Wan and Andrea Fung

Sharie Ross and Carmen Chu

Sandra Wan, Leigh Tung, Angie Ting

Tin Yan Chung, Karen Wong, Sandra Wan, Carolyn Cheuk, Jessica Ko

Karen Wong, jennifer Wong and Cheril Khoo

Tansy Lau, Sandra Tsang and Adela Ng

Yvonne Ma and Emily Chan

Sharie Ross, Leigh Tung and Lelia Chow

Reyna Harileila, Alice Au, Angela Chang and Linda Fung

Cleopatra Chan, Dr Ava Kwong, Vivian Liao and Brenda Wong (retail director David Yurman)

Jessica Ko and Marian Wu

Alice Yu and Koboer Cheong

Sandra Wan, Victoria Law, Belinda Peng and Sharie Ross

Anne Wang Liu

Sandra Wan, Heidi Yang and Victoria Law

Eleanor Morris with Victoria Law’s son

Sandy Wan and her son who volunteered

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