Vote please: is there such a thing as too much make-up?

Dear Readers,

As you know I am a self professed make-up junkie. I’m not someone who hides behind the make-up, in fact I often enjoy the fresh-faced look sans, eyeliner, lashes or shadow. It’s taken me 10 years to realise that my husband actually prefers the same (admittedly a little slow on the uptake here, and yes I’m finally taking notice of what he thinks).

The other night as I was prepping the double lash, femme fatale peepers, Nissim walked in and adamantly declared that I looked like a clown. Subtle words escape him. My make-up skills were lost on him. My artistic brush and blend techniques were of no consequence. In his eyes, I was just an aging lass who had tried a little too hard. (In fact he said that I reminded him of another crazy overly made-up acquaintance, who is often referred to as either a clown or a style diva. The women and gay entourage often will support Diva, whereas the men, usually go with clown.) At this juncture of insults and an extremely bruised ego I was left at a quandary. I had already finished one eye, and couldn’t stop there since it was ten minutes before our departure. So I continued, and batted my overlashed peepers for the rest of the night.

Needless to say as we met our dinning companions, the ladies complimented me on my overly made-up face, while the gentlemen… well actually I don’t really think I cared what the other men said or didn’t say. So let’s forget about them. At this age and stage of our lives, isn’t all the primping we do for ourselves anyway? In saying that, I did in fact consider what my husband said and have tried to lessen the clown persona somewhat, and have since erred on the side of less is well, less actually.

I would like to see what you think. Below I have a photo of me with make-up and one without. Please take the poll and let me know what you think. Be honest and a big thank you in advance 🙂

11 thoughts on “Vote please: is there such a thing as too much make-up?

  1. I prefer the “fresh based face” look. However, a hint of mascara and eyeliner (only on the eyelids) or just mascara would be nice.

  2. Oh yeah, BTW, you have beautiful cheekbones and complexion…gotta highlight that!! I am drunk with envy!! LOL!!

  3. I believe there is a time and place for “diva/clown” makeup and if you know when those times are then it’s fine!! And yes, I too would like your cheekbones.

  4. Ok Gurl, I’m a makeup artist and I vote less is more. You’re gorgeous, modern, smart-looking without a stitch on! I only dream of looking that good bare-faced. xx

    • T. Marie, Oh yay!!! a professional opinion 🙂 Fresh faced it is, and thank you so much for your compliment .

      Oh how you and my husband would get along! hahaha xo

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