GLAMAMAMA MONDAYS: ESTHER MA, super woman, wife, mother, PR dynamo…

Ask anyone, Esther Ma, CEO  Prestique Limited is a Superwoman. A truly accomplished woman, wife, mother and super go-getter Glamamama. I have been fortunate enough to have known Esther for close to twenty years: she was even my wedding planner!! (ahem…of my first wedding that is… yes the wedding was definitely more stunning that the short-lived marriage.)

I used to see Esther at school drop off first thing in the morning, when our children were still in the same nursery school. Whilst I was still trying to wipe the sleep out of my eyes behind my mega large DVB shades (they were the sunglasses de jour back in the day :P), Esther would be decked out in her chic sports attire armed with a mega watt smile coupled with the enthusiasm and energy of thirty, 7 year olds. She was always engaging and greeted everyone individually with a mega good morning and a willingness to share her enthusiasm for life in heart beat. On one occasion, as if it was just another day, she exclaimed, “oh I just ran 10k this morning and I’ve got to dash home to change to meet a new client. After that I have a press conference to organise and then I’ll pick up the girls, before going to watch Harvey [the husband] compete in an aquathon.”  By this time, all I could think of was how on earth I was going to make it for 5 more minutes without my caffeine fix, and then perhaps be able to contemplate all the things I would have to deal with for that day! Yes Esther is envy-worthy. She was born capable, smart, vigilante and determined. And to top it all off, she’s a darned nice human being… She epitomises a perfect balance between EQ/IQ: Personable, sharp and with strong leadership qualities… hmmm perhaps she should open a school for super girls!

She was kind enough to share a sample day of her supersonic multi-tasking life.. so here goes… you may want to stand for this. It will make you feel like a bit of an under achiever if you sit on your behind… Glamamamas are a league of their own you know…

Welcome to a Day in the Life of ESTHER MA

8.30am: Ready dressed and out the door to send my daughters to their kindergarten

9.30am: Tee Off time… Going to have a quick game of golf 🙂

12 noon: Then had meeting  with a new fashion client to discuss plans for their new boutique in Hong Kong.

1.00pm: Hopped over to lunch with my  staff to celebrate a colleague’s birthday.

2.30pm Picked up daughters from school and sent them to various after school activities.

3.30pm: Rushed over to a haircare event at the Four Seasons hotel where I was MC. I spent most of the previous night prepping Tiqa my younger one on her exams, so on this particular day I was totally un-prepared. I had to resort to cue cards this time which tend to make me more nervous.

5.30pm: My daughters came to pick me as well as Daddy.

6.00pm: Changed to a “celebratory” red dress then headed over to an award ceremony where Daddy got a hiking award.

8.00pm: Celebrated with Daddy’s classmates at Country Club.

9.00pm Sent the girls home.

9.05pm until… The celebrations continued until midnight with wines and karaoke.

Whew! What a fruitful day!! I Love it!  Can’t wait to  wake up with newfound energy for tomorrow…

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