My darling son Zachary is 6 years old today. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH.

A quick post with some of my favourite photos of him from 5 to 6 years old. Enjoy X


At the Sonoma Fair Summer 2011: A little too much sugar perhaps?

At Centre Island, Toronto 2011

Visiting a dairy farm in California Summer 2011

Out boating in Hong Kong waters Summer 2011

I’ve got my own Captain America 🙂

Out and About in the sunshine 2011

Moments of joy, pain, and silliness 2011-2012

Fearless wannabe soccer star

Darn it I’m so biased. He’s just cute as can be! (IMAGE BY JD IMAGE FACTORY)

I took Zach (June 2012)  to with me and we visited with the same lady I did in March 2012. 

Zachary and I packing the bread with (June 2012) 

Captain, My Captain (May 2012)

Father and son bonding time. Fishing: a test of patience 2012

“I’m a star” (June 2012)

Zachary graduated (June 2012)

 This says it all. 

To my darling Zach, I love you x Mummy

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