GLAMAMAMA MONDAYS: We’re back with Bond… Annabelle Bond, adventure climber, record-breaker, super mama and just the most charming woman you will ever meet!

Don’t you hate her? Just kidding of course… believe it or not, it’s hard to dislike this glamour-puss. Her energy is infectious, so much so that after seeing Annabelle running through the hills of Hong Kong in her shocking pink cross-back exercise top and black streamline running pants with matching pink piping I pretty much had to go out and buy the exact same. I figured that looking the part was half the battle… Yes, yes I know, I was kidding myself. I mean have you seen this woman?

Yup I definitely didn’t look this good in “her” outfit. As we all know the truth to looking and feeling this great is dedication, and Annabelle makes it look so easy, and so darned GLAMOROUS!

She is a world record breaker, an endurance runner and mountain climber. Are you in awe yet? I am!

Bond was born in Singapore and moved to Hong Kong at the age of 3 with her family. So this Glamamama is one of ours. She lived in Hong Kong until she was 17 and then her family moved to the US. During her time in Hong Kong, like many of us, she commuted back and forth from the UK and Hong Kong and in her own words “Hong Kong felt like home to me.” It was upon her return to Hong Kong in the 90’s that her lust for running and testing her mental and physical stamina really fell into place. Annabelle competed in Hong Kong’s infamous MacLehose Trail – a 63 mile mountain marathon – for four consecutive years. Her best time was second fastest woman out of 4000 competitors and to-date, she claims the title as the fourth British woman to climb Mount Everest, and, as she managed to scale the highest peaks on each of the world’s continents in just 360 days, she has also earned herself the title of the fastest woman climber in the world.

Bond at the The Summit of Denali in Alaska, the last of her seven to break the world record.

Prince Albert of Monaco and Bond at the North Pole April 2006

Climbing Everest: Khumbu IceFall

The treacherous terrain of Everest

Bond climbing an Everest Icefall

Bond climbed the seven summits to raise funds for EVE Appeal which specialises in the prevention of ovarian cancer. She raised over US$1.8million for the cause.

Annabelle Bond with Mark Spitz at the Laureus Awards 2012

Glamaross had the chance to catch up with Bond to gain some insight into this Glamamama’s views on type A’isms motherhood and her life changing moments.
Glamaross: Did you know you wanted to break records at a young age, if so what was the first record that you ever broke?
BOND: No, i definitely did not know at a young age that i wanted to break records. I was always sporty and on all the sports teams at school, but when i was younger i did not have the mental discipline to apply myself to the serious training that is required to break a record. I was too busy having fun!
Glamaross: How often do you train, and where?
BOND: Now that I’m not competing in anything too serious I just keep my base fitness consistent in case I am required to do anything last minute. I run every day for at least an hour and I always do a few sit-ups. I am also very health conscious and eat extremely healthily as does my daughter Isabella.
Glamaross: How has motherhood changed you and has it impacted your training or need for risk and challenge?
BOND: Motherhood has changed me beyond words and I hope for the better. I was never one of those women that having a child was the be all of everything. I was so busy either working or exploring the world, the longest time I spent in one place between 2001 and 2005 was everest base camp just to give you an idea of my wanderlust. At about 37 years old I guess my biological clock kicked in and my daughter Isabella was born a year later. From the moment she was put in my arms in the Portland Hospital in London I was obsessed. For the first time, I was putting someone else first. My wings were well and truly clipped but for a good reason. Isabella is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me and I think I have mellowed a bit since having her. I’m not so triple A like I used to be. I would rather let my run go and spend time with her these days. Nothing would have stopped my daily run in the past!!!!
Its changed me so much, I live for isabella and making her happy and confident. It’s nice to be selfless and to watch her flourish living here in Hong kong. I also have a little “wing woman” to accompany everywhere. We love being together and doing things and we have an unbelievably close bond. Best thing ever!!!!
Glamaross: 3 words to describe yourself
BOND: Gosh its always hard describing yourself!! I would say I’m determined, fun, and adventurous.
Glamaross: When not climbing what is your activity of choice?
BOND: I love all sports!! Climbing is not something that comes naturally to me – I have a lot of fears! Right now my favorite sport is wake surfing… I’m obsessed with the big wave surfers and would love to be like some of those girls so I’m starting with wake surfing and will take it from there! I love to heli ski, SUP, ripstick, play tennis and run. I love learning new sports and challenging myself. I’m very outdoorsy.
Bond’s new sport of choice, Wake-Surfing, even her daughter does it now!
Glamaross: How did everest change you?
BOND: Everest changed me hugely. I became very comfortable in my own skin. I will speak about it in much more detail when I talk at the country club. I think its always an advantage to have a great story to tell, then people enjoy sitting next to you at dinners. I feel confident that I can dress for “me ” and not have to have the latest bag, or clothing item in order to identify myself. These things all seem pretty unimportant when you are out fighting the elements on remote mountains.. although saying all that I do love fashion!!!
Annabelle Bond is an inspiration and to learn more about this incredible super-achiever she will be speaking at the following venues this month.
  • The Women’s Extraordinaire Forum (I love that name) at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts in Hong Kong on 20th September at 9.50am. It will be a great 2 day event with incredible women of all industries and backgrounds sharing their stories. On the 21st September at 4.30pm Bond will be speaking about the Eve Appeal on a panel with Zohreh Tabatabai from the UN and Lisa Lau, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Council for smoking and health. Tickets are still available
  • For members of the Hong Kong Country Club, Annabelle Bond will be speaking on September 26th, 2012, Wednesday, 7pm-9pm. $100 per person. All proceeds will go towards the Eve Appeal. For tickets please call 2870-6396.
On that note, I think I need to go for a run…
All photos: Annabelle Bond

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