Girlfriends to the nth degree… from singledom to marriedom to very long saturday swimmom-dom.. we’ve done it all

Today was a rather early start to a very very long Saturday morning. Swimmeet at HKIS… We had races from race #2 to #32.

#swimmeet #swimmom #saturdaymornings with Zara

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My darling Z participated in 4 races and won 1, and came 3rd in another. I’m proud, but it was a long morning.

Luckily I was able to share the glories of swimmom-dom with my two girlfriends Madeline and Su. It’s a far cry from our globetrotting single days of traveling from Aman to Aman. Fast forward fifteen years on, we now have maximum 3 wrinkles between us, and alot of great memories amidst the gearing and cheering on of our girls (granted all on opposing teams), but all in the spirit of sportsmanship we cheered everyone on 🙂

Thanks girls for making my morning easier x

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