GLAMAMAMA MONDAYS: BLING IT ON with Audrey Savransky of AS29

 Welcome back readers… this week’s Glamamama Monday hopes to brighten up your week with some bling-ity bling.
I felt it was my duty to introduce this dynamo Glamamama who has been making noise all over Europe with her distinctive and covetable creations. Column inches in French Vogue, Jalouse, L’Officiel, FT, Madame Figaro and Grazia, have declared her designs feminine, contemporary and a winner!  Her celebrity fan base reads like the who’s who of fashionistas and quite frankly if you see her designs yourself, you may have to reach straight for the plastic fantastic… $$ che-ching $$!!
L’Officiel September 2012
Madame Figaro August  2102
Grazia May 2012
Dare I say, she has been Hong Kong’s own triumph. She started her company after she had her first son in Hong Kong and fast forward 4 years on she is  now a mother of two to Joshua  and Julian,  and has continued to make Hong Kong her home with her husband, Didier. All the while, her business is growing leaps and bounds.
This Glamamama is a fourth generation Belgian diamond dealer,  and  founded her company with the mission “to offer women the perfect cure for diamond envy and to relieve the aches and pains associated with the lack of diamond accessories.” Even the packaging of her diamond creations come with instructions for dosage and administration, as well as a list of contraindications that include  “the possibility of visual disturbances due to the acute brilliance and the onset of jealousy in non-users.” Truly a woman, not only with talent, but a touch a whimsy… You’ve got to love her…

And so  dear readers, GLAMAMAMA MONDAYS talks CARATS, CUT  and the only CURE  with Audrey Svaransky,of AS29

GR: At what age did you receive you first piece of jewelry?
AS: At my birth, my grand father gave me a 0.50CT heart shape fancy vivid pink diamond
GR:  How many carats are enough in your opinion and why?
AS: It’s never enough! I come from a 4th generation diamond dealer family. I love diamonds, it’s a genetic passion, it’s in my DNA 😉
GR: What is AS29’s signature style?
AS: AS29’s signature style is it’s pavé setting. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of the craftsmanship as well as the quality of the stones we use.
The diamonds are supplied by my family in Belgium, and therefore they come from legitimate sources of course! But what differentiates AS29 from other brands is that we want to democratize diamonds for women. Make it more affordable. Today AS29 is not only seen just as a jewelry brand but as a diamond accessory line as well.
The price point and the choice of using pavé settings as a way of producing our pieces, have been carefully thought in order to tap into a niche,  in the market and stay within a certain price range. AS29 collections are and will always stay a “produit de luxe” but by using designs that are influenced by fashions trends, our line is today perceived as a young, trendy, in fashion, easy to wear fine jewelry line.
I always say, my pieces are easy to wear and for no special occasion LOL !
GR: Who is the AS29 customer/ muse
AS: It’s a 30 up young women, who is independent and loves to wear jewelry.
Sienna Miller in a  pave flower necklace in white diamonds and 18K white gold chain  
GR:  Bold step to start your own line… why did you do it?
AS: All the women in my family have always worked and  I’ve been brought up with very ambitious women around me. I love being a mother and a wife but working is what makes me feel complete. I’m a very active person and always needed to take on 10 projects at the same time. So when I arrived in HK 9 years ago, I didn’t know what I would do professionally, so when the opportunity showed up to start manufacturing jewelry for other brands and later start my own, I didn’t think twice! 
I studied Journalism/communication and PR, but I had to fly half way around the world to Asia to end up  doing the same as what my family has done for ever…..working with diamonds 
Why did I do it?  I think I was destined to do this job and work in this sector. It has really become my passion and my life. I have never seen myself as an artistic person, but I feel that this what I do best and excel at.
GR: What is your favourite piece and why?
I have different pieces I prefer. Every time I do a new collection…of course this is what I prefer wearing, but I always go back to some of my “essentials” such as my spine ring and cuff , my spine 3 finger ring in white diamond, my pinky rings set and now I’m wearing this new big necklace from my Chain Me collection with lots of chains in black Vermeil and black diamonds…that I love!
I’m working now on a new snake collection for Chinese NY and I will be presenting in January in Paris during Fashion week. Many more pieces from this collection will follow so stay tuned. 
Chain-Me Necklace
GR: What makes AS29 different to other jewellery companies?
AS:  We try to be very competitive in our prices as we manufacture in China but WE supply the diamonds. So there isn’t a middle man between us and our  jewellery designs.
We are very reactive in answering any demand the market my want or need ( in producing faster than our competition) and I am offering pieces more charged in stones and cheaper than any other brands who sell the same amount of carats in their pieces. 
Now in terms of looks, why are we different?  Well I try not to copy what other brands do even if all of us are inspired by the same things, and work on the DNA of my brand which  identifies me. I want to be brand that people recognize for its creations and not because I do what other brands already do but a bit differently!
There are so many people copying in our industry and intellectual property has gained an entire new meaning to me in the last four years! But to be respected, established and famous…you need to have your own style!
GR: Who are you celebrity clients, and what were their favourite pieces.
AS: Kate Moss – she’s wearing the Spine single cuff bracelet in white diamond. We sell it at Colette and Montaigne Market in Paris. 
Sienna Miller and Sadie Frost: the pavé flower necklace in white diamonds and 18K white gold chain sold at Harrods in London
Rachel Zoe- wear the spine 3 fingers ring in white diamonds
Juliette Binoche and Alexa Chung….and a few French actresses
A note from Kate Moss to AS29 
Audrey with the Rachel Zoe
GR: Is your husband supportive of your pursuits? Do you work together? If so, how do you balance, wife, mother, partner relationship?
AS: My husband is actually very supportive of what I do and is the person I turn often for advice and help. We don’t work together but he’s helped me a lot to structure my company. I launched AS29 when my first son wasn’t even 6 month old, and just had my second one, 16 months ago. I must say living in HK has given me an opportunity to work and do things I could have never done if I lived in Europe. The help we get here with the children is priceless. My brand is only 4 years old, so let s say I ve been quite busy in last few years and without a very sportive husband, my brand wouldn’t be where it is today.
Bi-colour spine bracelets
GR:  Do you think women can have it all: Work and family?.. i.e. Be a type A woman at work , a tiger mum and the perfect wife? (whatever the perfect wife may be! something to discuss on a later post I think!)
AS: I’m sure women can have it all ! I believe the secret is organization!
GR:  How long have you lived in HK and did you start your line here?
I moved 9 years ago to HK from London. I met my husband and moved for him to Hong Kong. After working in jewelry production and manufacturing for a few years I launched AS29 in HK in 2008.
Spine 3-finger rings
Luckily for us,  AS29 by Audrey Savransky will be exhibiting her covetable creations on NOVEMBER 20th, 2012 3pm-5pm at Cipriani, Hong Kong.
All photos are courtesy of AS29, L’Officiel, Madame Figaro, Grazia

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