GLAMAMAMA MONDAYS: Anne Wang-Liu, Leigh Tung-Chou & I strike a pose for the NUTCRACKER BENEFIT 2012

The Annual Nutcracker Benefit organised by the Hong Kong Ballet Guild, took place this past Sunday at the Island Shangri-la ballroom in aid of the Hong Kong Ballet. The benefit was hosted as a prelude to the opening of the Nutcracker performance that will take place on December 14th-16th at the Cultural Centre. Info below… It’s a brand new version of the Nutcracker by internationally acclaimed choreographer Terence Kohler, so get your tickets today!


I was honoured this year to have been asked by the two Co-Chairs of Hong Kong Ballet Guild, Janice Chan-Choy and Daphne King-Yao, to be one of the co-chairs of the Nutcracker Benefit and even luckier to have co-chaired it with my two dear  friends, fellow ballet supporters and guild members, Leigh Tung-Chou and Anne Wang-Liu. (Apologies for the over zealous double barrelled surnames.)  The benefit was a magnificent fundraising effort with a festive brunch for the family and children, as well as a children’s performance to kick off the holiday season, but more later on the event post.

We were fortunate to get a little promotion for the Nutcracker event in this month’s issue of Hong Kong Tatler (the one with Glam-couple Derek and Liana Yeung. I’ve got to say I love love love their spread. Liana is a natural beauty. She is as gorgeous and genuine as her photos demonstrate, but also a super over-achiever… Amidst her high-powered job in wealth management, she’s a qualified Pilates instructor, and also co-founder of Beyond Dessert. AMAZING… oops this wasn’t supposed to be a post about her hahaha… I’m going to have to corner her soon for an up, close and personal 🙂 Also in this months issue is the theatrical fashion story of the wedding extravaganza couple, Veronica Chou and Evgeny Klyucharev.)

As I was saying… so my glamamama co-chairs and I took a morning off for our  close-up. Not sure if you noticed, but we are three fairly different looking women, with very different styles and heights (me being the smallest. I know tragic as it is, I’ve learned to live with it :S). It was no small feat to get us all glammed up in matching colours that spoke Christmas, Nutcracker, Festive and well, elegant… Armed or heeled as it were, with some help  from Christian Louboutin, Brian Atwood and Charlotte Olympia, we managed to give ourselves a little boost in height, and Victoria Beckham, Oscar de La Renta, and Roland Mouret kept us in style while the festive bling came from mountains and mountains of carats by Bvlgari.

Photographer King Fung was kind enough to guide us along with Ysabelle Cheung, the assistant editor,  who took the time to listen to our ramblings about the Hong kong ballet, Hong Kong Ballet Guild and why we love the Nutcracker. Read all about it in this month’s (December 2012) Hong Kong Tatler.

We tried  our hardest to strike a pose and I thought it would be fun to share some behind -the-scene shots that we took.


Sharie Ross , Anne Wang-Liu and Leigh Tung-Chou with our friendly neighbourhood Nutcrackers 🙂


We’re trying to loosen up. Can’t you tell from the jovial expression on my face? 


We tried a position change… not sure if this worked…and it’s lonely on the other side!!!


This is the moment when King (the Photographer) told us to “close your eyes; look down; relax…” Do we look relaxed? 

SRT,AWL, LTC w photog

A short break while we  harassed King to make sure that we looked ok. Actually this is one of my favourite candid shots with the bling of the Bvlgari mega-watt bracelet adding a touch of drama.


A slight change of hand position, made us feel a little less awkward… or not.. 

The final story looks much better than this, as Sean Fitzpatrick (editor-in-chief)  and his team graciously removed the triple eye-bags I brought with me that day to the shoot and generously smoothed out my skin. My two co-chairs carry very few imperfections and hence look just as glamorous in print as they do during the day… so thank you Hong Kong Tatler x

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