Today’s post is about a quintessential Glamamama. She is a multi-tasker, overachiever, and truly someone who is at the top of her game with every pursuit. She shuns the spotlight and prefers to keep a low profile, and remains humble in all her endeavours. She is an entrepreneur, mother, sister, niece, wife, friend and ultimately a leader.

In my continuous search for super women, I’ve called upon the know-how and know-who of several of my Glamaross friends. When 5/5 proclaim that, “You’ve got to interview Yvonne!” I stopped dead in my tracks, pulled out the stops in hot pursuit of this Glamamama, Yvonne Wong Tsang.

I feel fortunate to have met this inspirational being (seriously when you surround yourself with overachievers you need to keep your life on track… NOTE TO SELF: must continue to strive to make a difference). Everything she has achieved thusfar, has been remarkable. She spent 17 years in the banking and finance industry with renowned financial heavy weights such as, State Street Corporation, where she was Managing Director and prior to that she was Chief Operating Officer at Thaddeus Capital.

However,  it is not just her financial career that makes her an inspiration but rather  her entrepreneurial spirit  (from property development to the development of  children and educational services) and charitable vigour  (the accolades are endless) that gives credence to this super woman’s life.

GLAMAMAMA MONDAY: talks priority, philanthropy and destiny with Yvonne Wong Tsang

Yvonne Wong, D3S_6818

Yvonne Wong Tsang, with Scotty, Zoe and husband Ernest Tsang

GR:  Describe yourself in 10 words or less

YWT: A workaholic but not at the expense of time with my family.

GR:  What is your definition of success as a women/ mother?

YWT: Seeing my family healthy and happy.

GR:  Who are your role models, and why?

YWT:  My 93 -year-old aunt, who has been with me the day since I was born. She has the most kind and generous heart. She is a survivor and fighter, tough as nails when it comes to facing challenges in life.

Yvonne with her Aunt

GR:   What was the most significant moment in your life, and how did it change/ affect you?

YWT: Giving birth to both my children changed everything in my life in the most positive way. They gave me drive to work harder, be a better person, prioritise and still strike a balance, which is extremely difficult.

Yvonne Wong, SP-0022

GR. You are involved in quite a few charitable  organisations. Which ones are they and why did you join/ volunteer with them?

YWT:  I am involved actively with Heep Hong Society as a member of the Executive Committee as well as Chairman of its Fund Raising Committee. I am also a member of the Financing Committee. I first volunteered for Heep Hong back in 1999 when Goldman Sachs organised a visit to one of their centres. I was very touched by the work Heep Hong did and  does for children with Autism, ADHD and other learning disabilities. This is a monumental year for Heep Hong as we celebrate our 50th anniversary!

I am also a volunteer for Society for Community Organization, focusing on children and the elderly living in caged homes, and have sponsored regular charity events each year since 2009 for SoCo Shum Shui Po and Kwun Tong branches. I love and share the passion and the belief of the teams and volunteers at SoCo.

Yvonne Wong, IMG_6063

Yvonne Wong, IMG_1792

GR: How has your life changed in the last 8 years?

YWT: I went from working in investment banks from sale side to buy side, to building properties, residential and commercial, to being mother of two, to building protective garment business and now getting involved in children and educational  related businesses…ummmm, actually not in any sequential order here but let’s say I have not changed in the past 8 years. I  still love multi-tasking!

GR: What projects are you working on?

YWT: Several and they all involve building. I love building whether it is in a bank building up a department, or a property, or businesses; I just love building.

Yvonne Wong, SP-0070

GR:  Do you think women can have it all?

YWT: . No one can have it all but I do believe in driving my own destiny.

GR:  How do you manage your entrepreneurial endeavours and your family?

YWT:  Nothing is more important than my family. As long as my family is happy and healthy, I work. If they are not, my work stops. My kids pick up from me the value of hard work and I started getting them involved with what I do even at a very young age especially with charitable work.

Yvonne Wong, IMG_2699

Zoe, following in Mummy’s footsteps and helping at the Heep Hong Society Flag Day

While Yvonne is still involved in various businesses from  property development, to the  development of a  protective garment business,  she is now also the Chairwoman  of Adventure Holdings Ltd, which owns Adventure Sport Academy in Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as Adventure Studios Ltd  a learning centre for children to nurture their creativity through audio, visual and performing arts. Yvonne works closely with co-founder of ASA, “Coach” Raymond Lo to  provide personalised and professional sports training programmes to over 600 children in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Apart from her work commitments, Yvonne is the  dedicated mother of Zoe (7) and Scotty (5)  and is actively involved in community and church services.

This post is supposed  to inspire you and  not make you feel like an underachiever! On that note, let’s go get ’em ladies!




  1. Dearest Sharie, you are the Glama Super Mom I look up too. Thanks for including me, not really sure I deserve the kind words you wrote, but love you and look forward to reading more of your blog! Love Yvonne

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