Glamamamas, we’re back!

With the mysteries of web-osphere (plugins, codex and multiplatform accessibility… yes I am speaking english) I’ve been working on an upgrade. It’s a work in progress, and I’ve decided that the blogging must continue… and so I’m back with this week’s GLAMAMAMA, YOLANDA CHOY-TANG.

Yolanda Choy-Tang, wife, mother, friend and entrepreneur talks tulle, lace, and her formula for happiness! Only on GLAMAROSSTV.



Yolanda Choy-Tang (Photo:@glamaross) 

GR: How do you manage your days between work, children, family?

YCT: How do I manage my days? That is the challenge. First of all, I have a trusty agenda that I cannot live without. So it’s really a process of putting everything in and trying to make time for your priorities. For sure I am going to take Hayley  to school, pick up Brandon, spend some time reading with him, spend some time with Hamilton. Those will be the priorities and then everything else I can pencil appointments between.


Yolanda at Central Weddings (Photo @glamaross) 

GR: So do you think you have become more efficient in the last 8 years? Children … Central Weddings … you gave birth to many things!

YCT: Yes, I think I have learned to be more efficient and to make more with the limited time that we have. Before when we were both working without families, we had a lot of time to just focus on work, and just work.  And now we have to juggle school, kids, husband, what’s for dinner, did anybody go shopping, who’s going to take the pet to the salon, who’s going to pick up the kids, who’s going to feed the dog? The list is endless…

trip to Alaska last summer with family 2

Trip to Alaska summer 2012 with family 

GR: Do you think it is possible to have it all —  success in work, love, life, family?

YCT: Sure, I think it is a matter of expectation and satisfaction.

What is that equation? Satisfaction equals reality minus expectation. And so I am very satisfied, I am very happy.

trip to Alaska last summer with family

Yolanda and her husband, Hamilton

GR: What are the most important values you try to instill in your children?

YCT: I would like the kids to be moral citizens, and also be concerned about other people. I think empathy is really important coz in today’s world, everything seems to be all about me. Being raised in Hong Kong, you’ve got helpers helping you. If you don’t like to eat rice, oh, they will make pasta! You have to control this type of a situation and bring the kids back to earth and say, “Look, you are not the center of the universe, there are other people that are involved here.” And really teaching them to be caring about other people, and once they know that, they can be good moral citizens. I think that’s really important.

with my sisters in California

Yolanda, with sisters, Loretta, Melinda and Patricia

vera wang flagship store in hk

With friends at the opening of the Vera Wang boutique Hong Kong

in sri lanka with friends

With friends in Sri Lanka at a friend’s wedding

Van Cleef 1

Yolanda at Van Cleef & Arpels, Palaise de la Chance dinner with Laetitia Yu, Sharie Ross and Anne Wang-Liu

vera wang flagship store in hk 2

Yolanda with good friend Laetitia Yu at the Vera Wang boutique


Yolanda with Sharie Ross and Leigh Tung-Chou (Photo

YCT and HTT wedding shot

Yolanda in a Christian Dior gown on her wedding day…

Photos: @Yolanda Choy-Tang/ @glamaross/

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