HELP! I Got the AA… Adult Acne

“Mummy did you hurt yourself?” her son asked somewhat perplexed and a little horrified. What the darling boy was referring to, was the giant protuberance that had evolved on his mother’s face. The said mother, my dear readers, was moi! (I don’t know if there are ever enough emoticons to express how horrified I was) Indeed I had/ have/ am struck with a ridiculous bout of adult acne.

I couldn’t believe it. I followed every rule, drank copius amounts of H2O, never touched my face, and steered clear of fried foods (except french fries… universal OK in my book!)

Once the beacon became more and more apparent, I broke the one cardinal rule of acne terrror. I glared incessantly at it through my magnifying mirror until my inner demon convinced my fingers to attack… and so I did.

Talons sharpened… I went in for the kill!


photo: (that’s not me exactly but pretty darned close. HA!)

Whilst the said beacon had diminished and I had cleanly excavated what needed to be removed, I had I also accidentally (and viciously) left a scar at least 15 dermis layers deep and now my next hurdle was how to reclaim my, once smooth, complexion.

I thought my problems were over until the very next morning… another spot reclaimed its position next to the former excavation site, and so my endless fight with adult acne began. I realised that the acne was occurring in the same area each time which led to me to wonder if there was a correlation between a certain part of my body, and hence my latest obsession of face mapping.

My acne was occurring on my cheeks (left primarily) and if you see the diagram below the cheek correlates with the STOMACH.. Alas digestive irritations. So I went on a vegetable only diet (ehhem.. and coffee. Goodness please don’t judge, we all have  vices)  and the guilt ridden goophead (another term for ZIT)  subsided.. Yippeee….. but……


I was left with scarring and no amount of concealer (miracle or otherwise) could cover up my unsightly imperfections.

My mission de jour: seek out the best blemish clearing, scar removing, brightening potion, lotions I could find… and I did it! BY JOVE I DID IT!! (I just did the victory dance.)

The 911 to clear acne scarring!

By miracle of miracles I came across Skinceuticals BLEMISH +AGE  DEFENCE


Who could ask for more in one product. Be blemish free and reduce signs of aging? To be honest I was quite desperate to try anything at this point. (please click on link above to see composition of the product)  So I took it home and lathered on the potent treatment. ( leave a message on my fb page or comment, pm me and I will let you know where to buy this product in HK)

On first application there was a tingling sensation… hmm ok if truth be known there was a stinging, which subsided after two minutes. However as the days progressed the stinging diminished, which I concluded was due to the fact that my skin had acclimated to the drops. After the second day of using the treatment my skin started to shed. I felt a little reptilian actually, and despite being somewhat vain, I went about my business as normal. (How can you hibernate when you have a family and work to tend to!) There’s nothing more humbling than interviewing a gorgeous GLAMAMAMA when you have flakey, dry scarred, acne ridden skin. You get the picture… the Glamaross life is NOT glamorous at all. 

I realised that the key to blemish free and anti aging is to remove your skin altogether. Well that’s what it felt like anyway! After about a week all signs of blemishes had diminished and my next hurdle was to work on the scarring. I realised that I couldn’t use the blemish+ age defense on a regular basis, and needed to seek out a something that I could include in my daily skin care regime. Lucky for me I had in my arsenal of skin care products,  a bottle  of SKII whitening spots specialist.


I received this First Aid Kit, from Bastian Wu at Flare Communications. How creative is that!!

[Ok, as a sidebar here I would like to add that I NEVER review anything that I don’t use or like.]


Flare Communications Hong Kong

I tried it. There was no tingling sensation at all and my skin became softer. I’m not sure if it  is solely due to the SKII, but I now use this as a serum followed by BB cream (with SPF of course) during the day, and for my nighttime regime I use the SKII Whitening spot Specialist followed by my nighttime moisturiser.

SKII is available at all major department stores in Hong kong, including Harvey Nichols.

It’s been 2 weeks since I started using it, and my skin is clearer, softer and the pigmentation and scarring is getting lighter. All in all I am one happy girl… oops okay adult, sans acne!

Do you have a secret weapon to clearing adult acne?



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