Thank you to all the concerned visitors, and might I add my skin ailments have gone. Seriously it’s quite an experience to tell the world about your imperfections and then have an astounding number of consoling emails. I thank you.. but on to today’s post!

Another week of interviews and I’m  excited to introduce this week’s GLAMAROSS GLAMAMAMA MONDAYS, EDITH LAW

edith 2

Edith Law Photo:@glamaross

Don’t let her petite stature fool you, Edith Law is a type A dynamo.

I met her by accident, and it wasn’t until our second chance meeting where we were seated next to each other at a dinner, that we found out that we shared the same alma mater, Queen’s University, where she studied Electrical Engineering. Thereafter she went Stanford to pursue an M.S. in Engineering Economics and Operation Research. In other words, this spark plug has never been a slacker! Her biography is endless and one of the many titles that she holds currently,  is  chairperson of the Fashion Farm Foundation. A non-profit organisation that she and her sister, Victoria, started from the ground up.

2012_3_31 Lead 5dun5 event supporting young emerging designers in HK

FFF show in Hong Kong with emerging designers

“The objectives of FFF is to promote Hong Kong as a fashion capital, not just a shopping capital,” says Edith. “We want to elevate Hong Kong as a fashion authority, much like Paris, London, New York and Japan.”

FFF started as a simple chat between Edith and Victoria, where  they discussed the  gap between emerging fashion talent and business.  Hong Kong’s design culture was constantly being overshadowed by the city’s reputation as a finance mecca. In essence all the ingredients were present in Hong Kong: talented emerging designers, garment manufacturing history, a finance centre,  as well as  consumate shopping culture, however  they weren’t connecting efficiently.

2013_3_3 Meeting with President of Fédération Française de la Couture in Paris to discuss initatives to support FFF

Edith meeting with the President of Federation de Francaise de la Couture in Paris to discuss initiatives to support FFF

So Edith set out to create a united platform to cultivate and promote fashion design and culture, as well as create a channel to help designers source for funds and other resources.

“There’s so much talent in Hong Kong, and we aren’t talking about the student level. There are designers who have studied abroad and are building their brands in Hong Kong much like Paris, London and New York,” explains Edith. “But I find that with so much talent, Hong kong should have the global recognition as a fashion capital from a design point of view and not just as a consumer.”

2013_3_2 Lead and Supported FFF Fashion Guerilla Paris

@Fashion Guerilla with  the 8 emerging HK designers in Paris

2013_3_2 Beautiful Bloggers visited Fashion Guerilla Paris Showroom

Fashion bloggers @Fashion Guerilla Paris showroom

“That’s what we set out to do with FFF, to promote Hong Kong as a fashion authority, by using the platform to connect the dots with the rest of the world. Hopefully the rest of the world will look to us for answers and talent and our pool of designers will have more  access to global opportunities. ”

For the past year this former investment banker-turned-retailer has worked tirelessly with FFF, and when we met, she had  recently returned from France,  where FFF flew 8 emerging designers to Paris, to showcase their collections at, Fashion Guerilla, an event that was organised by FFF and  funded by CreateHK.  The event gained tremendous support from editors and buyers and sowed the first seeds for global recognition with fashion bloggers, journalists and buyers. “It was a great experience for the designers,” she said smiling. “It’s important for the emerging designers to feel supported by these dynamic events, trips, shows etc so that they feel inspired to continue with their brands.”

“It’s very cut throat in the fashion industry, but with FFF behind them we hope that we can offer support via mentorship, help them source funding, nurture creativity and also offer them a co-working space, if they need it.”

Edith 3

Photo: @glamaross

As the non-executive director of Ztampz Limited,  a multi-label chain with over 100 stores throughout  Asia, Edith knows her fashion. When asked who her favorite Hong Kong designer is, she makes no hesitation, “Johanna Ho,” and of the emerging group of designers under the FFF/ Fashion Guerilla umbrella? “Daydream nation did very well in Paris. I think the buyers, bloggers and media were looking for a more avant garde aesthetic. But just to be chosen is not enough. The designers have to stay focused and create.”

2012_7_31 Family Photo in Venice

Edith with her husband Teck Chien Kong  and their children 

Edith incidentally practices what she preaches. A mother of two, she gives the following advice to any woman or mother hoping to start a business, brand or otherwise. “It’s important to think it through. In fact, I don’t believe it’s possible to  have it all, if there is no planning,” declares Edith. “I’m a realist. Even after I left investment banking, and got married, we planned that I would dedicate my time to Ztampz, develop the business model and then after three years, we would have children. Because in order to be successful, every step requires focus.”

“After children, everything changes,” acknowledges Edith. “You have to be more efficient and focused with the tasks at hand. A social life is definitely low on the priority chain.”

When asked her mantra to surviving as a type A dynamo? “Positivity will always optimise the potential and value in everything you do. I’m an engineer, it’s the only way I think.”

2012_4_6 Switzerland Engelberg Skiing with Husband Teck and Family

Skiing in Engelberg Switzerland

On that note…

Cha-Gheill Cha-Gheill Cha-Gheill!

If you speak Gaelic or if you are a member of the Queen’s University Alumni you’ll know exactly what it means… “NO SURRENDER”


SRT & Edith

with Edith Law xo


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