Happy Mother’s Day to all the GLAMAROSS Glamamamas

A big Happy Mother’s Day to you all and a special shout out to the GLAMAROSS Glamamamas who have supported me thus far.

May you all continue to inspire and engage women the world over.

A TOAST TO YOU ALL… have a GLAMAROSS mother’s day. Saluting real women making a real difference.


The roll call:

Lucy Marriott:  Record Breaker, adventure seeker

Yolanda Choy Tang: Former luxury brand Marketeer, now co-Founding Partner at Central Weddings and Vera Wang HK

Audrey Savransky: Founder of international jewellery brand AS29

Yvonne Wong Tsang:  Chairman of Adventure Holdings Limited, Executive Committee Member of Heep Hong Society HK

Audry Ai Morrow: Former financier, and now co-Founding partner at Central Weddings and Vera Wang HK

Cheryl Wilson Tien: Founder of Charitable Choice HK

Michele Li: Founder of the Wedding Company HK

Annabelle Bond: World Record Holder, Philanthropist

Danielle Peita Graham: Model, Entrepreneur

Tansy Lau Tom: Dedicated mother, Fashionista

Vanessa Chen Kwan& Viola Chen  Cheong: Partners at Scipian

Esther Ma: PR dynamo, Founder and CEO of Prestique HK

Edith Law: Chairperson of Fashion Farm Foundation

Joyce Lee: Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Leigh Tung Chou: Luxury Marketing Consultant, Foodie, Tastemaker

Annie Ho Ting: Chairman of Bring Me A Book Foundation Hong Kong

Mimi Thorisson: Founder of ww.manger.com, Winner of the Best Food Blog 2013.

Linda Chang Ting: Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Globalluxe

Ann Cha & Angela Cheng Matsuzawa: Co-Founders of Punchdetox

Thank you for the inspirations! Wishing you all a fabulous Mother’s Day!

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