Angie Ting (photo credit: ROGER LEE

This week’s GLAMAMAMA is as gorgeous as she is smart. However do not let her beauty mar her intelligence. This former model holds an MBA, is a qualified pianist and has successfully  created her own children’s toy brand to boot, all the while being a dedicated wife and mother to her two children.

GLAMAMAMA Angie Ting, has successfully launched her own eco-friendly toy brand, APPLE PARK in the US which has  recently become available at Harvey Nichols, Hong Kong. The success of her hard work has paid off and speaking with her recently, she shared “I’m very happy that Apple Park is in Harvey Nichols, but they didn’t order directly through us here in  Hong Kong.They spotted our brand in the US and ordered from there. So  I feel honoured that APPLE PARK  was picked up based on its design and quality alone.”


Photo credit: Roger Lee

Apple Park is a favourite of many celebrity kids  including, Tabitha and Loretta Broderick (of Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker fame), Honor Warren (Jessica Alba‘s daughter), Selma Blair‘s son Arthur is a fan, and Apple Park has even found some TV time on the Kardashians.

So how does she do it?  GLAMAMAMA ANGIE TING, the eco-concious toy brand entrepreneur shares her secrets to success

GR: How did it all begin?

AT: My husband, Ivan is in the toy manufacturing business and  around 7 years ago, after the birth of our second child, I joined the company and took a role in the baby toy department where I got involved in the toy design and manufacturing process.

While I love toy design I really wanted to start a line of specifically eco-friendly toys.  I wanted to create a brand of my own using only the finest and most eco-friendly materials that was  best for babies, kids and the environment, with a great design concept. I knew that to do this right I needed to find the right designers and so about 4 years ago I met our designers Susan Pate and Chloe Pate in San Francisco, and we clicked immediately. We all shared the same vision and passion for beautiful, natural and green eco-friendly products, and  so the brand began from there!

photo 3

Angie Ting, Susannah Searson & Chloe Pate  senior management team for APPLE PARK


Angie Ting with APPLE PARK products

(Photo credit: Roger Lee

GR: How can someone who is not in a traditional position of leadership still inspire a shared vision in her workplace or community?

AT: Entrepreneur Organisation helped me a lot.  As a spouse of an EO member, I learned from attending many EO conferences that ‘ passion’ is the key to your success.  With the passion in your heart, you will influence and attract good people to join your team.

GR: How do you stay focused on the “Big Picture”without getting caught up and distracted with life?

AT: I love my job and so it becomes my hobby too.

photo 1

GR: What are your top 3 tips for woman entering the “real world” workforce?


1) You have to love your job;

2) be grateful that you are contributing to the business world;

3) get a great person that you trust to take good care of your kids while you are caught up with your work – your Mom.

photo 4

The inspiration for APPLE PARK, Angie’s two children. 

GR: What can a woman do to achieve happiness in life?

AT: Appreciate what you have in your life.

GR: What keeps you organised?  

AT: I have always been a fairly organised person as I like to plan things ahead.  I love to have quality time with my kids, it became a good force for me to organise my work so that I will have more time to spend with them.

GR: Why do you think it’s important to give back? 

AT: Happiness is to share , as no one will ever get enough.  By sharing, you will receive another level of joy and contentment.

GR: What is the most valuable lesson you instill in your children?

AT: Believe in God

GR: Who is or was your role model and why?

AT: My women’s bible study group.  We share valuable views on how to be a good wife, a good mom, and a good woman at work.  There is a book called ‘wisdom of mothers’ by Denise Glenn which is a real treasure to read and study.

GR: What’s the one thing people don’t know about Angie Ting?

AT: I used to play hymns on piano at church on Sundays.


Photo credit: Roger Lee



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