Yes I know I know, all I seem to post lately are kids birthday photos. Well my children are 2 years and 1 week apart, so June always feels like a continuous stream of celebrations.. Today is Zach’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Zach! May your day be filled with love and grace my darling boy.


This time last year we spent the day at Ocean Park… spot the Hong Kong Child.. is it double peace, victory or just happiness?? 😛


We spent a week in Beijing in July and here is Master Tse contemplating his forefathers at the Forbidden City. Yup we had the place to ourselves.


In California collecting fresh and newly laid eggs from the chicken co0p.


In SF, and despite the smile he was telling me that “it’s too cold here!”


BFFs showing off their muscles!


Zach getting acquainted with the fresh herb garden, and picking out  herbs for dinner 🙂

Declan, Zara, Dylan, Alex, Zach, Maya and Maeve

A second generation of BFFs.. Lethos, Tses and Fitzgeralds in California


Nope, none of them were camera shy


Sports Day FUN!
009Frolicking with one of his lifetime friends.


All suited and booted for a gourmet dinner with Dad.. my boys 🙂


A rare moment of calmness for both my Zs, or was it the calm before the storm :s


Zach as the King Rat in the Nutcracker Benefit Show 2012 with Wu Fei-fei, one of the principal dancers of the Hong Kong Ballet. (She asked for a photo with him! My star in the making :p)


Getting into the spirit of Christmas with carol singing..


About to ski the glacier in Whistler… this was Zach telling me that I was too slow.


Four Seasons Whistler Jan 2013


Back in Hong Kong post Chinese New Year and it was time for Disneyland.

Zach “The Kid”


The biggest Cotton Candy/ Candy Floss sugar rush, this side of Hong Kong!


Zach in Phuket at the Thanyapura swim meet. His first race ever in a 50m pool.  (Day 1 of 5 days of swimming)


Day 5 of swimming.. Bronzed, muscled up!


Zara and Zach got to swim with Jessica and Jason, both Hong Kong National Team swimmers.


Climbing the walls…nothing new here.


After swim training in Phuket, Zach came back to Hong Kong and took two Gold medals 🙂 (oh and was rewarded a big chocolate bar. Evidence around his mouth!)


Zara and Zach participated in a “Mother’s Day Charity Catwalk show” for Emperor Jewellery. I got presented some flowers by my children. Love love love!


I could only make Zach seem sweet for an hour.. afterwards it was back to normal!


My little Messi.. Zach the leftie soccer enthusiast/player  after he scored a goal for his team!


A day of fun with his friends


Happy Birthday Zachary, as I go through these photos from the past year, I am filled with memories of joy, love and hope for you always.

Love you xo

029It’s all about the Glamaross moments in life !

4 thoughts on “ZACHARY IS 7 TODAY!

  1. Happy Birthday Zach! Happy belated Birthday Zara! May all your dreams come true! Keep smiling, winning more swim meets and have fun fun fun! Uncle Peter

  2. Happy birthday handsome Zach!! Even funny faces pulled by the children of genetically gifted people are gorgeous!! 😘😘 Love, Auntie Tish xoxo

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