MUST WATCH! An experiment for 3rd Graders circa 1970.. How HATE is so easily manipulated

I recently came across this video which was an experiment conducted by a visionary school teacher, Jane Elliot in 1970 which documented  how easily children/ people could be  manipulated to believe in, or be affected by racism. Please watch it.

There is frequent usage of the ‘N’ word by these Grade 3 kids to describe African Americans, and each time I hear the word I cringe, and am still amazed at how freely the word was used in the 70s!

My children do not see colour or race. One day after a swim meet, my son explained  that “The white boy is really fast”. As a WBTM I quickly scoured the competition to look for said “white boy”. It took me a while to find the “white boy” as I had been programmed to look for a white/ caucasian boy, but he was no where to be found.  It wasn’t until my son pointed him out directly and introduced me to him as his new friend that I realised my own misguided preconceptions. My  six year old’s new friend was in fact a boy in white swim trunks that was a super fast swimmer. It didn’t matter what his race is or was, because Zach didn’t/ doesn’t see race or colour but only achievement and ability.  I am learning from him every day.

Please watch the video. X G

N.B: As a parent of two primary kids I also noticed  that in 197o third graders were just starting to perfect their phonics and also learn contractions. WOW! Fast forward to 2013 and first graders are now expected to know contractions and write narratives  while, third graders are expected to devour the pages of novels such as E.L Konigsburg‘s From the mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, and  thereafter explore the works of DaVinci and MichelAngelo!


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