MUST WATCH! An experiment for 3rd Graders circa 1970.. How HATE is so easily manipulated

I recently came across this video which was an experiment conducted by a visionary school teacher, Jane Elliot in 1970 which documented ¬†how easily children/ people could be ¬†manipulated to believe in, or be affected by racism. Please watch it. … Continue reading

UK Boarding Schools: What Do They Want? THE MYSTERY UNVEILED.

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CALLING ALL PARENTS! Your kids are out of diapers. They’re in primary school, and some heading towards middle school? If you are like me, you have toiled with the idea of boarding school, schooling overseas, or even just curious, since … Continue reading

OH SH*T I SWORE… Sorry I F#@KED UP…Swearing in front of your children – Family | OHbaby!

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I’m a parent and I’ve always tried my best to speak to my children as adults, so rarely will you hear any soft and smushy voices in my household (well, except when I’m speaking to my husband of course..did you … Continue reading