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HELP! I Got the AA… Adult Acne

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GLAMAMAMA MONDAYS: We’re back with Bond… Annabelle Bond, adventure climber, record-breaker, super mama and just the most charming woman you will ever meet!

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Oh Shucks Another Accolade…

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cancer schmancer…

I don’t like to talk about it much. To be honest, I sometimes forget I was sick. Especially when I’m feeling this energetic… ok bar the occasional flu. Since January 2012,  I have been feeling good.. a good for me is a 7/10,which is pretty high in my book of merits. The only times I ever gave myself a 10/10 is when I heard the cries of new life after I gave birth to my darlings, Zara and Zach, and when my surgeon announced that my cancer was stage one and he had cleanly resected the tumor. (A true miracle and the work of my master surgeon who, 3 days prior to my surgery informed me that I would possibly have 6 months to live without the resection… gulp… yes it was a scary time.)

Today is a regular 7/10 day, and it’s that time again. I need to go for my blood test. I hate it, not because of the pain and prods of needles but the unbearable anticipation of results, which I get in a few days time. I go every 4 months now and have a CT scan twice a year.  I’ve had a clean bill of health thus far, but no matter how good I feel, I can’t help but worry. My AFP’s (Alpha Feta Proteins)  are all I worry about. They have been low low low since my operation, and I’ve been happy happy happy… In fact, thus far based on my blood work alone (sans medical history) one Doctor said that my results are on par with an athlete (of course I asked what type? Fingers crossed not a curling athlete, c’mon! Instead they said a runner… I was chuffed.)

I feel good, energetic, my energy levels are high, and I’m sleeping. Shouldn’t that be a sure-fire sign of good health? My gut says yes, but I was doing 2-3 yoga classes a day plus cardio on top of that, when they found the 6lb tumor two years ago. (Yes, I have an addictive, some call it obsessive compulsive, personality… and lucky for my husband I just can’t get enough of him :P.. he’s away and I miss him. Can you tell?) But I was always tired, never slept and my brain told me to exercise more, to exhaust myself so I could sleep. Emotionally I was wreck. My energy levels were at an all time low. My body was trying to tell me that it was sick. (NB: Listen to your body!)

I’ve never said the words cancer out right to my kids.(Part of me is still in shock I suppose and perhaps I don’t want to admit it, especially when I’m feeling this good.) They know mummy was ill, and she had a big operation  (big slice and dice through my core and across my right side) and she was fragile for 6 months to a year where I could only hug in one position, never carried them and kept the same hours as they did (up at 6am and asleep by 8.30pm at the latest). Should I tell them that mummy had cancer?

The media always depicts such a devastating end to those with cancer, and I refuse to let that be my ending. In fact I consider myself somewhat of a miracle, and we are reminded of that miracle everyday, in the form of large and permanent scar across my torso. Our bedtime routine is hug, read, hug some more and then bedtime kisses which include a kiss to mummy’s scar (kind of like kissing a growing baby, but for my kids it was kissing a growing liver… I tear up just writing about it).

On this journey of recovery, Zara and Zachary have endured their own little battle of worry and curiosity. They know  what happened to mummy, although I’m not entirely sure they understood.  They saw me in hospital with tubes and bandages a plenty. They saw fear, tears and worry from their pillars of strength (Dad, Grandparents, mummy and daddy’s besties)  followed by tears of joy and triumph. They  felt the love and support of our entire family and friends until mummy was back on her feet. And now as a result, mummy runs, plays and  is still a wanna be tiger mum. Isn’t that enough? Do I have to use the word cancer?

I think not. The label for them is not important, but rather the outcome, and so far I’m rocking it!

However, despite feeling strong I still have butterflies in my stomach, and my fingers are tapping senselessly. No matter how great I feel, I’m scared. For those of you on  the same journey, you will understand the magnitude of each test. Every four months the vial of blood holds the answer to my destiny. Sounds morbid doesn’t it? Only time will tell… so wish my luck my friends… Will post soonest. I’m a pinprick away to another day… in the meantime, I’m going to run off the anxiety and think as positive as I feel 🙂 I am striving for a 10/10!

Make-up and Skincare rolled into one! My SK-II makeover

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I arrived home today and lo and behold I was greeted by a beautiful bag of the most stunning SK-II products, from skin care to make-up! Accompanying the bag of course, was a lovely note from Bastian Wong, of Flare … Continue reading

Sunbathing, Sun damage & Sunblocks. It’s all in the S’s

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Beauty and a Feast

My children are seven and five years old, and the journey thus far has been one of sleepless nights, early mornings, mid-night calls the doctor etc (and that’s just the motherhood side of life) and all in all unbeknownst  to me my youth was sucked away by my two angels.  (I have no regrets but many a line to show for it!)  I woke up one morning and suddenly age had caught up with me. I need/ed emergency creams/gels/magic potions.  I scoured high and low for everything that contained “Lifting” “Age-Correcting” and “Intense Hydrating”.  My insecurities manifested themselves on my vanity counter. Creams in all different shapes and sizes were definitely a call for help!

Some have called what I have an addiction.  I’m not ready to believe that  yet. Well at least not until my search for the ultimate age reversing serum is un/discovered.  I have served my time in front of the magnifying mirror (x10), dissected every minute flaw of my face, and carefully examined the flawless skin of my children and believed that their genes are mine and therefore, I too, have an immaculate dermis, free of radicals … or so the jargon goes …

Alas, I have asked myself why this obsession with skin, and the truth is,

1. I’m Asian; to take a cue from a contemporary popular poet Lady Gaga “I was born this way” ;

2. I’m at the age (please don’t ask) where skin care is important and I need all the help I can get;

3. oh and did I mention I’m exceptionally vain!!

So when I received an invitation to join my girlfriends for an intimate lunch to discuss skin care I didn’t have to think twice.  Lunch with like-minded ladies at Pierre at the Mandarin Oriental to “discuss beauty ” with Estee Lauder .  We didn’t find the cure for cancer that day, but we did get to discover some skin correcting, ultimate lifting, age-defying products.  (Do I have your attention yet?)

The “forum” took place in the private room of Pierre. (It does sound indulgent doesn’t it!)  Yolanda Choy, Daphne King, Tansy Lau, Marissa Zeman, Anne Wang  and myself were  graciously welcomed by the elegant Lisa Chow, General Manager Estee Lauder, who, I later found out, is a mom of a 9 month old. I had the pleasure of sitting next to this new mum, (who, might I add, is a testament to her products!) I pestered her for the entire lunch to divulge her industry know-how.  Of course my questions were pertinent, concise and well, vain.

As I was giving her my version of Proust’s Beauty questionnaire, I couldn’t help but stare …  Her skin glowed … I mean seriously **GLOWED** I wondered for a second if there was such thing as postpartum glow, and remembered that the only thing post partum that I enjoyed was, well, a good dose of “pramnesia” with a touch of major “dummy mummy”! (Which I suspect is still loitering in the frontal lobe and cerebral cortex … ahh … amazing what one picks up from Grey’s Anatomy!)

Back to Lisa … I suspected she was using some ultra coverage EL foundation. So when asked, she shared that with a 9 month old, she didn’t have time to put on foundation etc, and she only ever has time for a touch of eye make-up! She is up at the crack of dawn and she relies on her fave Re-nutriv skin care regime as the only means to save her face!

Indeed that sounds like a predictable sell? Before you jump to conclusions, we had the opportunity to road test the products. So generous! After a week of following the Re-Nutriv regime I have found some new favourites.

Prep and soften

My go to product would definitely be the Softening lotion which you apply after cleansing and before any  moisturiser.

It smells great and leaves skin feeling clean, soft and quite age-defying!

Say no to Crepe and yes to silky smooth









I am constantly fearful of the crepey lines that have appeared under my eyes and have sampled many an eye-cream. The Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Eye Creme (did you notice that it has all the right target words that haunt my insecurities??)  is a GREAT eyecream for night-time.

You must tap, tap, tap on application.

So with a little faith, tap and a good lift, I am going to glow!

Here’s us  at Pierre. Thanks Lisa.

Estella Niem, Anne Wang-Liu, Tansy Lau Tom, Lisa Chow, Yolanda Choy-Tang, Marissa Zeman, me and Daphne King Yao